How it works

On a page

  1. On YouTube™,™, Google Music™ and Grooveshark™* an icon appears in the omnibox
  2. Click the icon and the lyrics shows up
  3. If nothing was found, you can do a manual search

*Grooveshark also has an icon in the menu

Via the omnibox

You can also search for lyrics by starting to type “lyrics ...” — followed by a title, artist or a couple words from the lyrics — in the omnibox.

The options page

In the options page, you can choose to add the lyrics to the page, or to open it in a new tab.

Get to the options page via options > tools > extensions, or, when the icon is visible: right mouse > options.


Thanks everybody for installing and voting for my plugin! Keep on voting 5 stars, and I'll continue to add new features.

Currently supported:

  • Grooveshark™
  •™ (music and radio pages)
  • YouTube™ (also the new design)
  • Google Music™
  • Special lyrics tab

Found an issue? Feedback?

Feel free to report issues or share new ideas on my project on GitHub.